In almost all areas, women fight against clichés, outdated role models and traditional conventions. Although the image of modern women is changing, the gender pay gap and women’s quotas are topics that are repeatedly discussed emotionally. There is one prominent issue where men feel excluded or are self-excluded: Skin care, cosmetics and personal care products are predominantly seen as a female issue – and therefore avoided by men. There is no real reason for this, because although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, men and women both have ideas of beauty and health that they want to correspond to.

More than soap and water

While women use a wide range of cosmetics and know a suitable solution, trick or treatment for every skin requirement, men access a much smaller cosmetics portfolio. The categorical classification: cosmetics = women’s topic leads to an equally categorical rejection of beauty products. With the statement: “Water and soap are perfectly sufficient for me”, many men reject products that would solve their problems. Even though male skin is structured differently from female skin, it also requires care. Why this is so, you will learn in this article.

How male and female skin differs

The differences between the two skin types are based on the dominant sex hormones. In men, the androgens cause hair growth to be significantly stronger. It also leads to an increased sebum and sweat production. Thus, the statement of water and soap as sufficient care measures is no longer valid. The female oestrogen is responsible for the quicker skin aging of women, so the men can consider themselves lucky. However, the male skin cannot escape the wrinkles from mid-30s on – with decreasing moisture and reduced cell generation, the firmness and elasticity disappears.

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Cream thieves have bad skin

Men’s skin makes similar, but not the same demands on cosmetics as women’s skin. That is why it is not recommended to reach for the jar of the partner. Creams also have an effect on the pH value of the skin. As men’s pH value is lower, a wrong cream will quickly unbalance the harmony on the skin. But what should cosmetics for men’s facial care be like? Here we present La Colline’s men’s line:

La Colline – Cellular for Men

In the Cellular for Men series, La Colline has taken on men’s skin to revitalise and strengthen it. Behind this is CMAge® Men Technology. This technology has an effect on all the above-mentioned areas and that is why it is so effective for men.

The Complexe CMAge® activates the cell metabolism. The cell metabolism ensures that the skin works, processes active ingredients and is able to adapt to a changed skin texture. By adding the elements zinc, copper and magnesium, the effect is completed: collagen production is stimulated and gives the skin elasticity. The copper strengthens and protects the skin and the magnesium is the fuel for the cells, which can thus produce more energy.

With this highly functional complex of active ingredients, La Colline has created a series that is optimally suited to the skin needs of men. The products can be used according to individual requirements:

  • As peeling gel for cleansing and to prevent ingrown hairs
  • As skin booster serum for face and eyes with lifting effect
  • For care against dark circles, swollen eyes and wrinkles
  • For daily skin care in the 3-in-1 anti-aging cream
  • Or as a pore-refining and invigorating mask
Cellular for Men Cellular Total Eye Care

Your luxury sample

We invite you to the World of Beauty to discover the new men’s line from La Colline. And if you are looking for care products for your partner, who himself thinks that water and soap are enough for him – feel free to ask us for a luxury sample.

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